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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Telangana Congmen question legitimacy of TRCC


By R Avadhani
Hyderabad, Dec 26: The representative character of the Telangana Regional Congress Coordination Committee (TRCCC) and its locus standi are being questioned for the first time in the wake of a meeting convened by APCC president K Keshava Rao on December 30 to discuss
the Telangana issue.
Interestingly, Keshava Rao himself is the chairman of the TRCCC.
In the 2004 Assembly elections, no less than 44 legislators from Telangana area were elected to the Assembly on Congress party ticket. Of them only 14 are members of TRCCC. Two members of TRCCC were elected as independents and on another party ticket. ``If the meeting on December 30 is going to be attended only by the members of TRCCC and if non-members from the same region are excluded from the meeting, how can it reflect the opinion of the all the Congressmen in the region?'' question party legislators who are not members of the TRCCC.
The TRCCC leaders counter this with the argument that their body came into being with full knowledge of AICC president Sonia Gandhi and that the AICC has so far not objected to the continuation of the Committee. ``Hence, this is a legitimate body empowered to put forth its views on statehood for Telangana'' they say.
Many TRCCC members are reportedly in a mood to haul the APCC chief K
Keshava Rao and former minister M Satayanarayana Rao over hot coals for
their unsolicited and irresponsible comments on separate Telangana which gave scope to the TRS leader K Chandrashekhar Rao to exploit the same to his political advantage. ``Had both these leaders held their tongue, the initiative for separate State would not have slipped into the hands of TRS from the Congress representatives,'' the critics point out.
In view of all these diverse factors, the critical December 30 meeting is likely to kick up a lot of dust.
For the sake of record the list of TRCCC members is furnished below. The TRCCC is being headed by K Keshava Rao as chairman and convenor is G Chinna Reddy. Other members are: K Jana Reddy, Mohd Shabber Ali, Ponnala Lakshmaiah, J Geeta Reddy, A Indrakaran Reddy, P Govardhan Reddy, Puli Veeranna, Nandi Yellaiah, P Shankar Rao, V Rajeswara Rao, Yousuf Qureshi, M Mukesh, S Ganga Ram, P Kishta Reddy, T Jeevan Reddy, AR Amos, B Saraiah, Sultan Ahemmad and M Kodanda Reddy. Permanent invitees are: P Narasa Reddy, V Hanumantha Rao, G Venkata Swamy, M Satayanarayana Rao, D Srinivas, P Janardhan Reddy and P Sudhakar Reddy.

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